The only variable here is whether or not the computer is connected tothe private or public side.

On the private side, many/most of a batch of 15 new Dell GX-270's (new

in early August, 2003) could not successfully WindowsUpdate - the site

would start to do its check of the computer just to see if it has thelatest WU software (apparently the first thing it does) then **** outwith an error which suggested a network problem.

If any of these problem machines was connected to the public hub, it
past the error. But - and here's the strange part - if you performed
updates, simply let it get past the error and to the point where it
ready to scan your machine and give you a list of updates, you could
the machine back on the private side and it would WU just fine, IOW,
would perform the entire thing successfully from the private side.

For most of the machines, I connected them to the outside and did this

then updated them from the private side. Some of the machines workedright out of the box, though, with no obvious explanation as to the
difference between the machines that worked and those that didn't.

Recently, some of the machines which qualified for an additional
or two exhibited the original, non-WU-accepting behavior again, and
again the fix was the same - connect to the public side, have it lookOK, do nothing, reconnect to the private side, and update from there.
Strange thing #2 - taking the firewall down (unload ipflt) changed
absolutely nothing about this - the private side wouldn't work even
the firewall was down.

Anyone have any ideas about this? We've worked with Dell on this,
escalated it, etc., to no avail, and we seem to be the only people
having this problem. A single Netware server, 5.1/SP6 + a few
patches, running Netware, BM, an SQLBASE server, and a few other oddsand ends like ArcServe and Symantec AV. My only guess is something
the http proxy since that's obviously different between the public and

private sides, i.e., I have to go into the Connections tab and undo
proxy for it to work on the public side.

All of the problem machines could otherwise browse the internet, sendand receive email, hsot pcAnywhere, etc., with no problem at all
the WU problem.

Thanks in advance.