We are beginning a migration from GW6.5.7 to GW8.0.1. We have a very old
structure that has carried over from the 5.x days. The primary domain
has the MTA, a POA, the GWIA and WebAccess in it (I know, bad-bad-bad,
but it's what we have at the moment). We also have 5 secondary domains
with several post offices in each.

We have migrated the primary domain, the post office and the GWIA to
8.0.1. We have left WebAccess at 6.5 to allow users of both 6.5 ans 8.0
post offices to have access via WebAccess.

We are experiencing some odd behavior with forwarding messages from
within WebAccess:

* User in 6.5 PO using WebAccess 6.5 to forward a message to a user in
an 8.0 PO -- works fine, the original message shows as an attachment.
* User in an 8.0 PO using WebAccess 6.5 to forward a msg to a user in a
6.5 PO -- forwarded msg shows in the new msg as an attachment, but when
the recipient opens the msg, there is no attachment.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

-- Geoff