I just recently patched my BM 3.7 up to service pack 2. Upon reseting

the server I noticed that there was no traffic moving through Border.So, I unload ipflt, and everything moved just fine. I reloaded ipflt,

then loaded filtcfg to look at my filters. Lo and Behold, every
filter that had an ip or network address in either the source or
destination fields had now been modified with IP address that came
from nowhere! Ip addresses like, and etc, had

replaced all of my legitimate addresses!!!! SO I grabbed my most
recent filters.cfg, unload filtsrv, replaced the screwed up filtcfg
with my backup, and ran a filtsrv migrate. Now my good filters are
back and traffic is moving just fine. Now, to deal with these rogue
filter exceptions that came from nowhere! (or should I say a screwed
up service pack). I loaded filtcfg and deleted all the screwed up
filters. All looked well until 20 minutes later when ds synced up its

filters and placed them all back again! So I thought that I would
need some way to delete those junk filters from ds. My two thoughts
were console one and imanage. Well, console one has no way of
differentiating the junk filters from the good ones, so I went ahead
and fixed my imanage app to work for the first time (doesn't it seemlike whenever you need something it doesn't work right off the bat?)
So, ever hopeful, I opened imanage to view the filters. They were all

there! Now all I need to do is view the filters to find out which
ones were junk. Wait a second, there is no way to see the IP
address's for each filter! So there is no way to tell the good filter

from the bad one!! This is so frustrating! Novell decided to move
the filters over to ds but allowed no GOOD way of manipulating them!
Any one have any suggestions on how to find the junk filters in ds
without deleting the good ones?