My current OES2 Linux install project is on a HP Proliant DL380 with a total of 1.3 TB in it's array. When I started the SLES install I created custom EVMS managed partitions per Novell's docs on setting up NSS volumes on a single device. You can't manage a device with both LVM and EVMS tools. You need to choose one or the other and NSS requires EVMS. I started with the following:
1 GB /boot
2 GB swap
50 GB / (root)
The rest of the space was left unpartitioned. I used nssmu to create a 1 TB pool and volume. I've installed the latest ConsoleOne with patches. The latest 7.0.3HP is on the OES2 box.

I'm about to migrate a domain, gwia and 360GB po from a Netware 6.5 to this new box leaving the NetWare 6.5 box in place for file and print. At some point after the migration (2-3 weeks) I'll upgrade to 8.0.1 to separate any issues. I've been confident in my many upgrade/migration procedures in the past and all have gone well. But, I'm feeling hesitant about this one (lots of high profile, unforgiving users on this po). Does anyone have thoughts on this plan?