A quick question:

how do I put in binary registry settings in ZAV?
Because when I choose for the option, new value--> type: Binary

My input is: hex:52,00,83,0c,53,00,03,03,54,00,83,03,55,00,83,0 3,56,00,83,02,57, 00,83,02,58,00,03,03,59,00,83,03,5a,00,83,02,5b,00 ,83,04,5c,00,83,02,5d,00,
03,06,5e,00,83,03,5f,00,03,03,60,00,03,03,61,00,03 ,03,62,00,03,03,63,00,03,
06,64,00,03,03,65,00,83,02,66,00,83,02,67,00,03,03 ,68,00,03,03,69,00,03,02,
6a,00,03,03,6b,00,83,02,6c,00,03,03,6d,00,03,03,6e ,00,03,02

And then I get the following error:

Binary values must be expressed as hexadecimal strings.

Anyone got a solution to what I'm doing wrong?