GW 8.0 HP2 running on Netware 6.5 SP8.

Our clients do not have the "subscribe" option listed when right-clicking on their calendar in the folder list. The only options are: New Calendar, New Folder, Import Calendar, Send, Export, Add to Favorites, and Properties

I've scoured the client option settings and POA startup switches, but have yet to uncover any reason why this is option is missing for us. Might anyone be able to provide any insight into this issue?

On a somewhat-related note, we just installed a Calendar Publishing Host. The setup process was easy as can be, and everything *seemed* to go up great. However, after restarting the POA, the calendar publishing server, and all clients, clients do not receive the "Publishing" tab when looking at the properties of a secondary calendar. The verbose logs on both the Calendar Publishing Host and POA seem to indicate that everything is working fine, and yield no apparent errors at all.