Netware 6 server running BM3.6. This server has VPN, proxy, and FTP
on it. The location where the FTP files are stored are on another
behind the BM box. The FTP seems to running OK for clients to
download but
when they upload files they get teh following message.

"An error occurred copying a file to the FTP server. make sure your
permission to put files on the server.

The connection with the server was reset."

They have all the proper rights they need and when I unload IPFLT
work fine. These are the filters I have installed.

Public to All, src port =All, Dest port=21, TCP, Dest Add= Host (IP
of the FTP box)

All to Public, Src port=21, Dest port=All, TCP, Src Add= Host (IP
address of
the FTP box)

I have the same filters for Port 20 (data port). Is there anything
with the filters I have?? Any help is apprecited. Thanks.