OK, how does one determine if the errors that are reported on a device are "cosmetic" or something you really need to address? Lot's and lot's of policy enforcement errors but it appears that the policies apply on the workstations. Then we have other errors that are legitimate and we address the specified issue. Then we get errors like:

The action Launch Action (ID:Launch Application) failed, but the action set is set to continue on failure.

Which doesn't really tell me anything. Is it that I have to go to every workstation that has this error and get the log files to figure out what it causing the error and if it's something that's legitimate, fix it and if it's cosmetic ignore it? is there a way to stop receiving those errors if we do identify the issue is cosmetic? I guess I'm from the school of all green lights mean all is good and if there are errors, I have issues. Does this philosophy hold true for ZCM or should I just learn to ignore some of the errors I'm seeing on my devices?