Hi all,

What filter exceptions do I need to set up in order to access
and iPrint from outside our firewall? Our file server is running
6.0 SP2. We have BorderManager 3.7 (also running on NW 6.0 SP2) on a seperate box. I have it set up so that a secondary public address on
BM box is static NATed to the file server. From inside the firewall I
reach NetStorage at https://internalipaddress:51443/oneNet/NetStorage.

Similarly, iPrint is available at http://internalipaddress:631/ipp. I
set up filters for inbound and outbound TCP traffic on ports 51443 and
but can't get through from the Internet when the secondary address is
in the above URLs. I can ping the secondary address from inside the
firewall so know that NAT is working. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Turner