I am the campus die-hard Novell supporter. I've been a CNE since 96 and
have used Zenworks since the Zenworks beta in ?98? or so. HOWEVER, in
the past two weeks I have installed 8 separate instances of Zenworks 10
sp2 (update to 10.2.1). About half of these have been on SLES 10 and
the rest on SLES 11 I simply DON'T want to have to screw with a
Windows server for this - I have my biases, and want to go with Linux as
much as possible for the stuff I set up.

IN ALL INSTANCES of these installations I get the following "WARN"
message filling up the /srv/www/casaats/logs/ats.log. "WARN
authtoksvc.Authenticate init()- SecurityException accessing
Exception=java.lang.SecurityException: /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/jaas.conf
(No such file or directory)"

There is no jaas.conf file there - but there is a casa-jaas.conf file in
/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/casa - if that has any bearing on anything i am
dealing with...

My workstations log in - after a 10 or so second pause - so things "do"
work, but I can't find a single bit of information on this issue, and i
do think I has an impact on my login times - and user perceptions of the
effectiveness of Novell services...

Trying to fix things on my own by trying to add a jaas.conf file based
on the file in the template directory just changes the error message.
Messing with things further can totally screw up the server - part of
the reason for the numerous installations I have recently done. Now I am
basically back where I started on this thing and it's driving me
friggin' nuts.

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? CAN Someone from either the forums or Novell
shed a little light on this? Looks to me like a bug - and Please don't
TO PAY TO POINT IT OUT TO THE PROGRAMMERS. And I think that setting up
a BUNCH of servers from scratch - all of which have the same identical
problem (with two different "versions' -separate downloads - of the
installation media kind of points to a problem with the installation....

I have been actively pushing Zenworks as a campus-wide solution but if
there is an authentication hole in the product it will certainly make it
a LOT harder to sell to a "comp-center-in-group" with a knee-jerk
disdain for ANYTHING with the name Novell in the title.

I certainly hope this post doesn't just get the "Auto-response forum
finger", but I thought I might as well give things one last shot.

Just to increase the possibility of a response, I am also going to
cross-post this to the server installation forum.