Hey Board,

i would like to setup my GW 8 GWIA to use a smarthost.
I have to authenticate via PLAIN/LOGIN at this smarthost.
I have to use TLS, otherwise authentication is not allowed (which would mean i would not be able to use it as relay).
The SSL Cert the smarthost uses is a self signed cert.

I had some bad experiences in the past with this setup.
Maybe you guys can give me some help, should this work flawlessly?

i would proceed as follows:
1. setup gwauth.cfg properly.
2. tell gwia to use $smarthost as smarthost.
3. --forceoutboundauth (i only send mails to the smarthost or to a attached gwsystem, but thats not smtp)

i dont know if i can import the cert somewhere so its trusted, i had to do this for postfix to work.

any hints appreciated!