I've created a domain with two GWIA's on it.
The reason for this setup is that I want one gwia for my normal inbound mail, which are filtered through a antispam provider, and thus only their servers have openings in the firewall to my system, the second gwia is for a couple of POP3 users, that needs to send via my system (due to SPF set up), the second opening is on another port, on another public IP (and thus with another SSL certificate in it).
The two GWIA's are set to 'bind exclusively'.

It's working quite well, but managing it is very irritating as c1 wants to see the gwia.cfg.
So for now, I create a softlink from gwia.cfg to gwia1.cfg which is the first gwia, and gwia2.cfg which is the second gwia.

The gwia's themselves are of course using the gwia1.cfg and gwia2.cfg directly set up in the gwha.conf.

Is there a more clever way of doing this?
Back on the Netware days you could fiddle around with exepath.cfg, but the format of that, and then on linux???