OK, why these things need to be such a PITA I don't know! I have a server I upgraded from 5.1 sp8 to 6.5 sp6 and it gave me an error that PKI found the SLL cert will expire in less than 60 days. I tried everything to fix it with pkidiag and all I get is -603 error in step 6. I finally deleted the SSL certs and it still gives the same -603 saying the certificates don't exist and when it goes to create them is when the -603 pops up. What's the easiest way to fix this? I want to get this up to SP8 and to edirectory 8.8 but I don't want to do anything until this is fixed.. current edirtectory on this machine is It's a server under another OU under the main tree. It's a remote office for us with about 10 users. Main office has a 2 server cluster running 6.5sp8 with edir 8.8 sp2 and about 60 users.