Hi There,

I have a question regarding Zenwork Imaging. We received new HP dc7900 with mirrored Hard Drive and I have got no chance to get an image done via the network as Zenworks(SP8) does not recognize the network card. So I looked around for an alternative and I found how to create an image on an external hard drive USB connected (How to Store a ZENworks Image to a Local USB Hard Drive | Novell User Communities)

After several tries I managed to make an image on this external hard drive but once I want to restore it I get several error messages like No Partition is active or NTLDR missing after the BIOS boot as if nothing was loaded. I used GParted to check the hard drive partition and I activated the one where has the image restored but no way to boot before the restore.

We would like to use Zenworks for imaging only.

Any help would be very welcome.