Hi all,

I'm still having this problem with multiple printer policies:

If you add a printer policy and the order gets changed - the agent refresh starts to remove printers.

Simple example:

- have policy A and B assigned to a device
- remove policy A, add policy C, add policy A back
- refresh agent
- printers from policy A get removed -> you'll need either to reboot the workstation or do a "zac pl" which causes a "force logout because of changes"

I was able to workaround it by not changing the order (I always deleted all printer policy groups as they won't work pretty good for the same reason)), BUT now I found the problem again:

- we have a device folder (location), a default printer policy is assigned (policy A)
- a user asks for some additional printers (nearby black/white printer), so I add policy B to the device
- agent refreshed
- printers from policy A disappear until reboot

Same behaviour...by using folder and device assignment the policy order gets changed :|

Any solution?

Thx in advance