Hi all,

Just upgraded to GroupWise 8.0.1 from 6.5.6 and horror or all horrors
: the calendar shows the dates in 12-hour format.

This is infuriating for us continental Europeans. I tried the TID
Novell have on their website and it simply does not work for what we
have here.

If we set the time format to "H:mm" in "Regional and Language
Options", it works and the Calendar then appears in 24-hour format.

However, our preferred setting company-wide is " H:mm" (note the 2
spaces in front of the uppercase "h") as it makes the time instantly
separated/differentiated from the date (the extra space aids the
demarcation). When it is on that setting and we set GroupWise to that
setting, the Calendar goes back to 12-hour format.

How does one report this type of bug, or can someone pass this on to
the Novell GroupWise engineers ?