I dont know what to call this, so we'll go with "linked". Anyways, I came in today and Remote Control wasnt working on any of our workstations. I checked the workstation policy (which is associated correctly) and all of the policies within the package are unchecked. I only use maybe 2-3 in each package, but some say "Policy not enabled" and some say "N/A" under the Schedule column. Weird thing is if I open ConsoleOne with the -showhiddenobjects option, all the individual policies are there and I can open/edit them, but they dont seem to be linked with the policy package. This is happening almost district-wide with only a handful that are correct.

I tried to run an NDSRepair on multiple servers that hold master replicas and all return no errors found. We are running OES2 SP1 on SLES 10 SP2 and have Zenworks 7 SP1 IR4.

Any help would be appreciated!