SLES10.2 OES 2.1
NSS Vol management in IMan 2.7.3

I recently moved my SLPDA to another NETWARE 6.5sp7 server, because the last one was taken out of service.

I have gone in and edited SLP settings on the troubled SLES box (YAST>>SLP>>SLP serv Config tab>>Response to DA Server (3rd radio button down) Type in my SLPDA IP... )but it is still taking extremely long to manage NSS vols & pools in iMan. I'm talking 3-5 mins to pull up info when i browse to the server in iMan.

I know theres a file in OES-Netware to edit.. SLP.cfg or something..

So is there another file i need to edit on SLES so OES2 knows where my SLP server is now??

Thank you!