ZfD 4.0.1
Imageserver NW6 SP3
Firewall BMEE 3.5 / NW5.1 SP6
Workstations with PXE-boot

Imageserver on one side of the firewall, workstations on the other.
The imageserver and the workstations resides in different IP net-id's.

Multicasting image fails.
Workstations cannot contact imageserver over PXE, TFTP times out.
Opening the firewall fixes the problem.
No entries in the IP-deny logs.
I have debugged the IP-traffic (IP, TCP, UDP), but no trace of any related denial.

Could this be a routing issue, if the image multicast is originating
or destined
to some multicast address?

Might the BM filter a route of some kind?

Could anyone please specify the needed filter exceptions
in such a scenario?

I have not yet debugged routing, nor ran the imaging server in debug
I guess I might have to do that also, unless someone knows something
about this...

Another thing - I have entered this question here before, but for some
my postings in the Novell Forums tend to disappear after a while (2-3
no matter what forum. I don't know why this happens, but my posting =regarding
this issue is now gone from the BM forum, so therefore I try once more...