I am moving forward with installing ZCM10 in a SLES10 Linux environment using the external Sybase database configuration. Anyway, I am struggling with understanding the best process to mount new locations for the content repositories. I already have a clustered (NetWare 6.5) IMAGE volume that stores 900GB of zmg files. I would like to just mount this volume to my new ZCM servers if possible. I would also like to use another clustered NSS volume for storing all of the bundles. What is the best way to mount these NetWare 6.5 Clustered NSS volumes to the new SLES10 Linux Primary ZCM servers I am going to create as virtual machines. Can I use the ncpmount command to achieve this?

I technician from Novell had the following statement: We currently do not support repositories for ZCM on a NetWare server, You have to use Linux or Microsoft for this.

I just don't understand why we cannot connect to an NSS volume be it on Linux or NetWare.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.