OK this is an odd question.

My boss is monitoring a server that keeps on running out of space, we clean up a few gigs then users use it. (old story).

I have only been at my current job for a month and I showed my boss Remote Manager. My boss said today we were out of space at 8:30am, she cleaned up 1.3 gigs of space, then at 9:30 we were down to 800 megs free.

If you go into remote manager, I only see 64 Megs of files created in the last 24 hours. I thought we should see 500 Megs of new files, but only 64M?!!

I checked and we do not have compression on, so what I am doing wrong? We need find who is eating our disk space.

The server is Netware 6.5 sp7. The volumes are NSS.