We are having issues with PXE boot that is vexing.

What we are doing: re-imaging PCs. We have a PC that needs re-imaging.

-I copy the NIC address of the PC that needs re-imaging.

-Put the NIC address into the server policy (work to do), associate an image to the NIC.

-reboot the PC.

-The PC starts PXE boot, but by passes the "work to do". It goes right into windows.

-If we put a bootable USB into the PC, or wipe the old HD image. The PC will automatically re-image correctly during a reboot.

Server running Zen is Netware 6.5 sp6 , Zen is 7.0.1.

I have only been at my work a month. I was told the PXE boot function works "most" of the time. I would like it to work all of the time.

The PC is a Lenovo 9645-23u.

Phil J