after reading here several postings on NTP filter exception problems I

still cannot get it work:

NW6SP3, NBM3.7SP2, tcp607jrev2.exe (domestic folder)

There is this filter exception defined:

Source: Priv-IF
Dest: Pub-IF

User Defined Type:
ntp-st: UDP, SRC=<any>, DST=123

(other threads state, that SRC=123, not [1024-65535])

Source: local LAN's IP range
Dest: <any>

Other stateful filter exceptions are working nicely.

One Private IF.
One Public IF, 4 IP Addresses.

The primary is used for all proxy/routing purposes, Dynamic NAT +
Static NAT (dedicated public IPs for internal mail servers + PCA host)

It is definitely a filtering issue, when unloading IPFLT the PC
the time-punch machine can access the extenal NTP2.PTB.DE perfectly.
am using the free NTP Client from AnalogX on Win2kSP3 NWClient
IP Only)

What do I miss?