Hi all

We are having an issue which seems to be Zenworks client-related.

Some of our users are having a major delay during login. The issue is not happening to everyone. The sequence of events is:

- turn on machine
- login screen appears (35 seconds)
- fill in password and press ENTER (2 seconds)
- wait up to 4 minutes for desktop to appear

During the wait for the desktop, we can see that the disk is being thrashed.

If I remove the antivirus product the wait is shorted by 30%. If I remove the Zenworks for Desktops client, the wait is shortened by 90%.

I've pared down the Zen desktop installation to only the NAL and Workstation Management (which are the only two we *have* to have) and the problem persists. If I remove and reinstall ZFD without the Workstation Management component, the problem is gone. I have tried XP SP2 and SP3 to see if there is any difference there - nothing significant.

I am pretty sure something is going wrong with the Workstation Management component. (I think also that the antivirus product is making it worse but that is another story)

I'm downloading the latest Zen 7 ISO's right now in case I've missed a client update. I'm not sure how to tell the Workstation Manager's version number, but the NAL is

I don't really know what to look at from a server perspective.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can further troubleshoot?