I am experiencing problems with Windows 7 Enterprise and Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista Server 2008 IR1a when connected to NetWare volumes located on a NetWare Cluster.

The "nice" problem is that files are being reported as locked and in use by another user. When trying to access them two or three times they open up normal.

The "bad" problems are a BSOD with a failure in the "ncfsd.sys" and that the explorer.exe get stuck when browsing folders or accessing files located on mapped NetWare Cluster volumes. These processes can not be forced to quit and Windows 7 will not shut down correctly. It gets stuck by "Logging Off" and stays there indefinitely.

Has anyone else similar problems? With Windows Vista SP1 the client worked without any problems. Both Windows Versions are no Beta or RC versions, they are the final shipping versions with all Updates applied.
I have the MiniDump stored, if this can help lock down the problems.