I just did a clean install of NOWS SBE 2.5 on a lab machine. It went much better than I expected and I had very few issues when compared to Version 2.0.

The first thing I noticed is that the default partitioning has changed.
  • Version 2.0 creates a SWAP, and "/". It required that "/boot" be part of "/".
  • Version 2.5 creates a "/boot" (ext2), SWAP, and "/" (ext3). "/" uses all remaining space on the disk.

As with Version 2.0, I configured a static IP address. I don't know why a server defaults to using DHCP, especially when changing the IP address after the fact is so difficult.

I entered the product codes and successfully registered with NCC. It showed there were 39 updates to apply but there was no way to find out anything about them so I skipped the updates.

The basic install completed without incident. Next, using the Simba web interface I applied all updates. Again, there were no issues.

I installed the following additional software, one at a time.
  • Directory Services (eDirectory)
  • Management Tools (iManager)
  • Personal File Backup (iFolder)
  • Windows File and Print Sharing (Samba)
  • Firewall (IPTables)
  • VPN Server (OpenVPN)

There were no issues as each one installed. For the most part, I used the default options. The online help is limited and in some places ambiguous - similar to the rest of the documentation.

During the install I noticed that the license agreement still says Version 2.0 and when I logged into the server I see that Yast Online Update is showing updates are waiting even though the Simba GUI tells me there are none. I didn't try to install them.

I had one issue which requires more investigation. I initially tried to configure software RAID 1 as I had done in Version 2.0. The install continued but the system wouldn't boot from the hard drive. I tried to resolve the issue by installing Grub on each hard drive as I had done in Version 2.0 but I still couldn't boot. At that point I decided to take the default partitioning and attempt a RAID 1 install another time.

After finding several security issues with a fully patched Version 2.0, I decided to run Novell Support Advisor against this fully patched new installation. This is part of what it reported:
  • Detected Firefox 3 Remote code execution vulnerability, update system to apply: MozillaFirefox-3.5.3-1.4.2 (SUSE-SA:2009:048)
  • Patches Needed: 11 Security, 6 Recommended, 2 Optional

I haven't done any additional configuration or testing. I'll post anything I find that may be of interest to the community.

Kevin Boyle