I have a standard image file that contains the Windows XP OS and it has a c:\sysprep folder. I configured the PC with Windows XP SP3 and powered off the PC. PXE boot and put the image on the ZCM imaging server. Then on a new hardware, I PXE boot and restore the image to the new PC. After the new PC boots up, I ran sysprep and after another reboot, I name the computer the name I want it to be i.e. marketingPC. Ran discovery and deployment tasks to install ZCM agent on the device. I then associate the bundles that I want to be installed on the managed device.

Now if the PC has problem and I need to reimage the PC. What is the best way to do? I tried to reimage the PC using the above steps but keep the managed device object in ZCC, the restored image won't register with ZCC. I have to delete the managed device object in ZCC and run discovery and deployment tasks to create the device again. I wonder how others re-image PC.

I am running ZCM 10 SP2 on SLES10 SP2.

Thanks in advance.