Greetings, testing out a GW installation on a SLES10SP2/OES2SP1 box, I
downloaded gw800hp2_full_linux_multi.tar.gz on my SLES server and expanded
it, and successfully installed an MTA and POA connecting to my GW system

However in the subdir structure for the resulting SDD on the SLES server,
under CLIENTS I don't see the Windows client install subdir. So I'm
thinking normally on my NetWare servers I would have the SDD which I install
the MTA/POA's off of, and I would give my Windows users access to the
CLIENTS subdir and bump the software update out, but how do I do this once I
make the move off of NetWare to OES2/Linux? The SDD won't have the Windows
client. Is there some manual way to integrate it in the SDD I expanded from
the Linux download?

Thanks for your comments