I'm new to a position in a College envirinment. Two days new as a matter of fact. The folks here are planning to migrate the existing network from a traditional NetWare world to OES2 Linux on VMWare in a brand new NOC.

There are servers spread across the many campuses, that perform file and print sharinf functions. They will be consolodating all those servers into a smaller number of servers performing the same tasks. For exapmple theprint environment on eqch of the servers will be housed on a VMWare, clustered, set of OES2 servers. what they would like is, at the end of the process of centralizing the print world, for the students and staff to have an easier time locating and choosing the printers on their own campus. Now, they navigate to ther local server to choose a printer managed by the print process on their local campus server. After the migration, all printers, 350+ of them, will be managed by a new centralized server in the NOC. So, the quesion is, how to arrange the printers so that a student on Campus A, can locate his local printers in the new considerably longer list of printers. I know I can change the name of the printers to use a scheme so that they are alphabetically grouped together, but that sounds like a visit the desktops kind of weekend, and I'd like to avoid that.

This is new to me, but I'd like to hear suggestions and thoughts. I hope I've made sense.