This past weekend, we finally retired our old NetMail server (YAY!) and rolled out GroupWise 8.0.1. There were a few minor glitches (some users had the IP of the old server, some other small things I didn't quite anticipate), but there is one little bug I can't seem to find the answer to.

Specifically, those of our users who are using Thunderbird and have it set to get mail via POP but leave mail on server for any length of time can't delete their messages in Thunderbird. More specifically, they can delete it (and you see the message moving into the trash), but usually the next time they get mail from the server it comes back in again as new. It essentially can't be deleted.

I have tried this using Outlook to POP mail from the server and leave it for a few days, but it does not act the same way. Thunderbird also behaves well when it is not leaving mail on the server - if that is the case, the user can delete it and it stays deleted.

I suspect this is a GroupWise issue as I've use Thunderbird with that config many times before on other servers (personal mainly) and never seen this issue before. However, it seems any of our users who have that setup are getting that exact problem... and for those that get more spam than others it's proving quite annoying. It's possible it's a Thunderbird issue, but... something tells me it's not.

Anyone seen this before, or have suggestions what to try? Thanks in advance!