I'm using almost one year the NOWS SBE 2 with paid maintenance (technical support) and I have the option to upgrade to SBE 2.5.

The problems I encountered during last year are:

1.Very poor documentation.

2.Not easy and automatic way to configure the Hard disks and volumes (not documented).

3.Changing some of the configuration defaults, like WEB folder place, will disturb the HelpDesk and maybe other applications and tools, and maybe put your server in an unsupported status (not documented).

4.It seems that HelpDesk install the MySQL or few MySQL files. What if I want to run a Dynamic WEB Site , using MySQL on other volume or folder (not documented).

5.Since the WEB folder is not on the default place, the paid maintenance (technical support) for HelpDesk is very bad. SR (service request) created on 1 Apr 2009, wasn't solved yet.

6.A Technical Support engineer told me not to install the MailScanner since the GroupWise is not installed on the default folder\place.

7.The DNS\DHCP can't be managed from the GUI interface. I was told by the technical support engineer that, to manage it you need to know some linux commands (not documented).

8.Amanda doesn't backup to other server Netware NCP volume.

9.The Technical Support said that the SBE is not for real production, if you install other applications (phpMyAdmin, eCommerce), you my be in an unsupported status.

10. Technical support engineers have very low experience with the SBE version.

11.It is very hard to manage the NOWS SBE 2 without linux knowledge.

Since I'm a Netware veteran, I configured the NOWS SBE 2 server (the third server) building few NCP volumes:
1.Raid 1 (mirroring)
2.Partition REISER (TID 7000012 & 3099959)
3.Configure few NCP volumes

My actual LAN is a tree with 3 servers 2 of them NW 6.5 SBS sp1 and a NOWS SBE 2:
1.NW 6.5 sp1 - Border Manager (Firewall)
2.NW 6.5 sp1 - file server, (was used for GW, iPrint, DNS\DHCP, all of them migrated to the third server), not used now.
3.NOWS SBE 2 (starter pack) - GW, iPrint, DNS\DHCP, WEB site with PHP and MySQL.

I am considering to upgrade the second (Netware) server from Netware 6.5 to NOWS SBE 2.5 and the third from SBE 2.0 to SBE 2.5.

Questions about the new SBE 2.5:
1.I understood that the /root can't be on an NSS volume. Am I right?
2.If the /root can't be on an NSS volume, is it worthwhile yet to install and use NSS?
3.To upgrade from 2.0 to 2.5 and configure NSS do I need to reformat the HDs?
4.Since Amanda doesn't backup to NCP volumes what is the free way to backup the NOES SBE servers?
5.From the EULA point of view I understand that I can install same NOWS SBE on more than one server, on same tree. Am I right?

Any comment and answer is welcomed.