In the past I've almost always used Enlight ATX cases with the power supply in them. Never had any issues. Usually for about $45 or so you could get a nice mid-tower ATX case with a decent PS.

The only problem is that they're beige and don't take 120mm case fans.

Now, me being picky, I have switched out the power supply for one from PC Power & Cooling.

So right now, is there a reasonably priced (under $100) mid-tower case (apparently "black" is the new beige), that has nice/easy slide-in drive bays (no screws--my current enlight doesn't require screws anymore), that can take 120mm fans?

I'm not needing the power supply, although if it has one, that's fine.

I don't need the $250 units they have in Maximum PC that look like Alien heads and have neon lights and go thumpy-thump like some cars I've seen around Albany. haha