We are looking for advice on how to migrate a NetWare clustered enabled GroupWise 8 PO to OES2sp1 cluster services.

We have a 3-node cluster that we are upgrading both to new hardware and OES2sp1.

We are thinking of doing a rolling migration, where we install an OES2sp1 server with the pre-migration software and migrate the server tag from NetWare to OES2 (server only runs cluster services). Using the Novell Migration tools we can upgrade the server to new hardware and OS while maintaining the existing server name and IP. Next we install cluster services on the OES2sp1 server and add it back to the existing cluster.

We are unable to find documentation on how to migrated a GroupWise NetWare enabled cluster resource to OES2sp1. We have found the "Novell GroupWise Server Migration Utility" documentation, but that only addresses migrating a traditional GroupWise PO from NetWare server to OESsp1 server. Is it the same to migrate a clustered enabled GroupWise PO?

Any advice would be appreciated.