Hi everyone....

I have 4 Netware 6.5 SP8 servers with cluster services. I have a lot of volumes and resources configured on them. I tried to add a new volume resource but i received an error message.

I create a volume on my San
I use NSSMU to create Partition, Pool and Volume
I put the device sharable for clustering.
I deactivated pool before the creation of the cluster volume resource.

If I use iManager to create the cluster volume resource, there is what i have:
I choose Cluster options.
I chosse New / Pool
I select the new pool and after that, i received this error:
Error: Clustering Error
Server received an invalid handle.
Cannot continue because there is not a selected cluster resource.

If i use ConsoleOne
The error i received is:
Cannot cluster enable this volume:
It is not on a share NSS Pool.

I'm sure that the pool is Sharable for Clustering.

Someone have an idea for this problem?