I am attempting to setup a file system index to a remote NCP server.

I am using OES2 sp1 Linux and Quicfinder 5.0.1.

NCP Server Name: 99homevs.div99.fishel (have also tried just the cn)
Username: admin.org (no leading dot)

Server path: 99homevol:\home
Corresponding URL prefix: file://///99homevs.xxxxxx.com/99homevs/home

But when it attempts to generate an index, here is what I get in the log:

**** Begin Indexing ****
Maximum memory to use: 78,643,200

Error: Unable to initialize Novell client calls. Error code 0xffffffff
Skipping: 99homevol:\home - Unable to open directory

I have NCP loaded on this server, I get the same error if I try a local NCP volume.

Anyone have any ideas?


Stuart Beckett