The Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition 2.5 Administration and Installation Guide states:

11.3.6 Enabling a User for Samba

1. In iManager, click Samba Management, then click Enable Linux User for Samba.
2. To select a LUM user, click the Object Selector icon.
3. Select the user, then click OK.
4. To have the user authenticate to Samba through eDirectory, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.
5. Specify that Universal Password to be used for Samba login. Confirm the password, then click OK.
Any similarity to actual iManager options is purely coincidental (see attachment).

I opened SR #10451394851 on 12/13/2008 (Cannot locate "Samba Management" in iManager) to have the Version 2.0 documentation corrected but apparently nothing was changed. :(