I currently have a NW 5.1 SP5 server runing BM 3.7 SP1 but when I try
add filters through the FILTCFG utility, the filters are not saved. I
try the FILTSRV MIGRATE command but I get a bunch of 601 errors
(ndsiaddobject errors) so I tried the SCHEXT .cn=username.o=container

password but I get 603 errors telling me that the schema has not been


The BM 3.7 box has a r/w replica of the [root] partition; it's only a
server tree... the other server is a NW 5.0 SP6a server with the
master of
[root]. Please note that the NW 5.0 server is runing DS.NLM v7.51 and
NW 5.1 server is runing DS.NLM v7.60. Is BM 3.7 compatible with these

versions of NDS or does it require v8.x ??

The BM 3.7 box is working ok in terms of proxy services (web, mail,
the only problem is with the filters. Hope someone can help !!