I am following several different documents on installing Radius onto OES2 and making relatively good progress except for my radiusd.conf file. All of the write ups except one say "Edit your radiusd.conf with these modifications..." and list items to add/modify. The other says to pop in their radiusd.conf (which makes more sense, instead of listing 60 lines to change in the default file why not give us the contents of yours after the edits?) except... their link to their file is broken. I contacted the author of two of the write ups and his response was an offer to sell me remote consulting hours - thanks, I just need the resulting radiusd.conf from your intended instructions, or is it that your document you posted in several places is missing something?

Any which way, could someone please post their working radiusd.conf (to pull from eDir please) Mine is telling me I have a syntax error in a section I didn't edit - maybe that section was intended to be removed for Radius against eDir?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!