I'm building a Bordermanager 3.7 server. Everything works fine except
the packet forwarding filters. When I enable them I can only see the private NIC of this server. I only applied the basic filtering that
get after executing BRDCFG. I'm using SP2 at the moment on a NW51SP6 server. I had it working for about a week after manually editing
filters.cfg. Imoved the second deny rule upwards so that it was above
exceptions to that rule. After applying BM37FP3C it stopped working
I went back to SP2 and now I can't get it back to work.
I'm also running the GWIA and WEBACCESS on this server, but as it has

worked for a while I don't think that is causing the problem.

Can anybody help?


Hans Bloupot
RSG Magister Alvinus
the Netherlands