Good day,

We are in the process of evaluating Windows 7.

The task to get iPrint to work on Windows 7 fell on my shoulders.

The problem I have is that, running iPrint on NW65 SP5, I cannot find a way to load a Windows 7 driver on the broker (I am using iManager Version 2.5.20051102).

I have tried loading iprntnw65sp8b, using both option A and B, but then I ran intro problems where the RMS tab doesn't show the various tabs for XP, Vista, Etc.

Is there any way to get iPrint to work on Windows 7 with our current Netware configuration?

Any help would be grately appreciated.

I know I am asking for the impossible and i KNOW i should update to SP8, but for various reasons, I can't at the moment. Due to legacy business systems we are forced to keep our Netware systems running on NW65 SP5. Yes we are in the process of sorting this out, so we can upgrade. Also I inherited the environment in this state, so nothing I could do to prevent us arriving at this point.