I just wanna express my frustration on the NWClient. We have been wanting to upgrade this for a year soon, so waiting for a time when there are no betapatches. So far this hasn't happened. I mean, c'mon! A full year with betas?
I have a colleague at work, he talked to someone from Novell at Brainshare two years ago where he expressed his frustration about the NWClient betas, where he got the answer that Novell was rebuilding the whole team and testing supposedly making this issue better.
I aint seen that happening so far...

Good examples are NWFS.SYS, such a small file with an insane amount of patches on all versions of the client! Has also been causing weirdo errors here since the early dawn of time. You guys should seriously do someting better soon, since the competiton from other companies are getting stronger by the day :)