I know this kind of crazy, but I was wondering if there is anyway to install the zen 10 agent on a workstation that is currently running zen 7, without having it uninstall the zen 7 agent?

When I was first introduced to ZCM 10, I remember my boss showing me we could do this, but I can't find anything anywhere on how to do it. (And he is long gone so I can't ask him.)

Just a little info about the situation. I am currently running two zenworks servers, one zen 7 with edirectory and the zen 10 server we are working on moving two with AD. We but the zen 10 server into production some time ago to run new EMR computers, but all office and support staff still run work stations on the old zen. We are working on mirgrating everyone over, but we have to work out some details. Meanwhile, now I have two separate systems for remote management of workstations, which gets to be a bit annoying during the help desk process of things. So, I'd like to push out the zen 10 agent to the zen 7 machines to be able to have all remote management in one place while we finish the migration process.

Can this be done? It's a crazy idea? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.