So,, after making sure that patches were applied,
and making sure that all users had the uniqueID
and installing iPrint 5.30 - It looked for a while as if it was

Seems that the reason for us getting it to work on the pc's we tested
was that we manually had installed the printers first. If that's the
case, then I can add the printer through IPP.

But, If I remove the manually setup printer, the install fail's with
some windows error. If the driver is allready there and I add it again
as a iPrint printer, it works.

Printer is on ip

NDPSM/Server is on

Clean PC
browse to server/ipp - install = fails/windows error.

PC with manually added printer
( )
adding the iPrint printer through
Server/ipp - Install = OK and prints through

So,, like it's 2 different printers in "windows p.o.v"

Anyone with any ideas how to get around this ?

Windows DO state the usual about "not signed" etc when adding it
manually, but that question/option never comes when going through