We have a scenario where we have given one group of users read/file scan rights to a folder and another group all but Access Control and Supervisor.

The users would like the read only group to be able to open a Word oe Excel document for viewing (Schedule info). The RWECMF group needs to update these files often.

If the RF group has a Word document open the RWECMF group can't edit the file even with the shareable attribute set at the file level. However, this works with Excel.

Netware 6.5 sp7 Edir 8.8 sp2 on server side, Client 4.91 sp2 on client side.

Also, in searching I have seen comments that the sharable flag does not always remain associated with a file permanently, but will lose that flag at times.

Can anyone shed some light on this Word issue, and is this the best appproach?