Normally if you install/launch a bundle then you see a notification balloon on the agent in the systray like "downloading files for bundle X".
So that users can see that there is something happen when the click on a bundle.

When i logon with a user with a locked desktop (user policy, like force classic menu etc.etc) then these balloons are not enabled. the don't come.

When i logon without a policy then i see the balloons. So I think there is a setting in my user policy that disabled showing the balloons.

There is a setting under Current user > startmenu > remove balloontips from items in startmenu. But i test that and that is not the setting.
Also trying to regedit the HKCU..>explorer>advanced. : enableballoontips = 1 (dword), But when i restart, the setting is overwritten. So i have removed that one.

Question: Which group policy setting is in conflict by not showing me the balloons on the adaptive agent.

Server: ZCM 10.2.1 on Sles10sp2
Client: WXP Sp3 Dutch, Up to date.

I like the balloons instead of the full progress window!

Kind regards
Tristan Floor