We received the above message on one of our workstation installs.

The user says he's not syncing any PDA (or other devices) and the install
was preceded with an uninstall of the Windows NT Messaging and GroupWise 6.5.7 Client and a reboot.

The file dates for GWMIM1.OCX and GWMIM1.MD5 (on his workstation) match
our installation files date (9/20/2009), so these are being updated. I see the
..OCX file represents an ActiveX file . . . could there be some ActiveX feature
that's been disabled (or locked down) that is interfering with or giving a false
message during the install?

Otherwise, I don't know what else to check on. The user claims his GroupWise
seems to be working ok, but I don't know if we're facing intermittent errors, as
a result of a faulty install. . . .

Please advise.