I have configured a test environment with NW6.5 sp8 and Oes2 (Suse 10spk2). Everything was working wonderful than I had to exchange N CIFS for N Samba and that is when things went hay-wire. I ended up removing the Oes2 server from Netware tree, deleting all objects referencing OES2 server through Console1, cleaned netware tree.

Wiped server OES2 server and reinstalled in existing tree selecting Novell Samba and the install went smoothly. However, I can run IManager (after running pkidiag of course) but I receive the NRM login screen ounce followed by Page cannot be displayed remotely/and on Suse server. How do I make NRM healthy again on OES2.

PS: By the way,NRM works fine on Netware box.