We want to "move" a clustered volume/pool to a new SAN (seems to be a "standard task" but I did not find anything helpful, yet).

We created a new clustered volume/pool on our new SAN with a different name.
Copied data and trustees with SCMT (Migration utility).
On day X we intended to do a final "delta copy" probably with SCMT again.

Unfortunately there are a lot of references (UNC paths etc) to the old volume name besides homedirectory paths, login scripts...

What is the "right" way to keep the old volume name after having copied the "delta files".

I assume deleting the old volume/pool (after taking offline the resource) on the master node.

Am I wrong?
How to proceed to rename the new volume/pool/cluster resource volume/virtual server back to the old names?
Do all server have to be online?