Hello All,
I am looking to find out if anyone is running NW65SP8 on the following hardware platform:
2 Dell PE 2850’s with QLogic 2340 FC HBA’S attached to a Dell/EMC CX 500
My scenario is that I am running NW65sp5, with Groupwise 7.0.1 in a 2 node cluster.
GWIA and Web Access on one node and PO on the second node.
I want to upgrade to NW65sp8 prior to upgrading Groupwise to 8.0
The issue I have is that NW65sp8 is not certified or tested on my hardware versions per EMC Documentation. The latest certified patch is sp6.
Has anyone had any success/failure running sp8 in this configuration?
I think the only place that I could have an issue is with the QLogic Driver for Netware.
Any info or experiences provided are greatly appreciated.