This is probably a rookie question, but I can't figure it out.

I have the necessary filters that I need to accomplish a PC Anywhere
connection from a specific machine on the Internet (my home computer)
to a
specific internal workstation. As long as I have the appropriate
source/destination addresses (for the outside machine) set at 'any' it

works, and it even works perfectly when I assign the host IP
information of
my home computer.

However, my home connection (cable modem) is accomplished with a DHCP
and so after first having set things up using my original DHCP lease
it stopped working the first time I got a new lease, as my home IP
had changed.

So far, the leases I get at home are anywhere in a class B network:
first two octects are always the same, but the last two have spanned

What I am trying to figure out is how to correctly set the appropriate

source/destination addresses using the 'network' option rather than
or 'any' so that no matter what IP address I get, things work. I
this is less secure than it could be, but I'm willing to live with it.
just can't get it to work so far.

My home leases have always been 24.45.x.x. I'm sure that the DHCP
isn't across the entire spectrum, but I've seen various numbers in
third octect. My knowledge of subnet masking is limited, however, and
haven't solved things yet. I tried setting the network to and that didn't work, and I tried setting it to24.45.0.0/ (which is the subnet mask that I get at home
the lease) and that didn't work, either.

Any thoughts and help will be much appreciated!